Stars Like Fish – literally!

A follow-up of sorts to my last post… I need to show this off one more time.

This watercolor is by a student from the course I was invited to:

I didn’t get to ask her questions about it because we had so little time (only an hour!) but it’s perfect in every way. Even with the bleeding rings around the planets – this is plain white paper! So it’s understandable. I can only assume she was inspired by the title, and though the astronauts and mermaids in my book are only implicit, it is fitting. So you might understand my excitement.

I was invited by this lovely lady, professor Carmen Torres:


She wrote a nice review at the Library Committee’s blog summing it all up.

I was so excited to see that students had brought in pieces of art! It was a surprise, since I was expecting reading only. Prof. Torres has poets, story writers, painters, photographers, performance and visual artists in her literature class. It had to end just when it was getting good! But we’ve got some more cooking up, probably soon.

There’s a few more photos at le facebook.

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