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International buyers: My book is now listed on Etsy! If you’re interested in buying a copy, please order it from me personally through Etsy, that way I can personalize it, wrap it, add postcards and whatnot… it’s a little cheaper than anywhere else so you can save on shipping. Click to visit the product page!

Also, a reminder that it’s on Goodreads as well! Please, add it to your book lists!

And amazon, where reviews are always awesome.

If you’re in Puerto Rico, you can now buy copies at a few local bookstores!

I took a photo at Mondo Bizarro (because it’s the only place I didn’t feel silly doing it). This is a brand new art and comics store – which does a lot more that just sell things, check out their facebook page –  in Río Piedras owned and managed by the Pernicious Press team.  They have tons of cool stuff (just look at that Kraftwerk album stowed away) and it’s also a gallery with a café and BUBBLE TEA BAR. And the owners are all-around awesome people.


It’s also available at Librería Mágica and La Tertulia in Río Piedras, and Libros AC in Saturce. So look at it/buy it wherever you happen to be or wherever you prefer. Just know:  it’s around.

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