Where Everything Lost is Available

Ladies and gentlemen: WELIF is unofficially out!

Unofficially because I only have a few copies in my hands, it is not yet in bookstores and only available online for the time being. The reason is that the covers I received do not have that damask detail you see below, which is very important to me, and I’m working this out with the printing service.  The covers are completely black! Which doesn’t affect the overall mood of the book at all, it’s even kind of fitting in a way, but I would really like the covers to look like the image below.

However, if you can’t wait, you may order it from amazon, or just go take a look, since it lets you see the first couple of pages.


The art came out looking like pencil sketches instead of ballpoint pen sketches! Which is also very important to me, since I’ve been trying to make a point out of drawing in cheap pens rather than real artist’s tools, but I still rather like the outcome.


Those of you who follow me and know what I’m up to know that this is an anthology of poems I wrote during my angsty teenage years, so it’s not a very happy book at all, and doesn’t reflect my writing style anymore (but it does reflect my budding “writer” – it’s not like you can’t tell this person is now THIS person).

I promise that when the cover issue is resolved, I’ll post where you can go buy a copy (or flip through it), as well as my etsy link, where I rather everyone buy it so I can personalize it and add extras.