About that day I presented Daniel’s book…

In March I was invited by my friends, Daniel Pommers and Miguel Pruné (associated with their individual books, collaborations, nd tons of other publications) also known as Gato Malo Editores, to present Daniel’s book of poetry, Que Así Sea (which you can google to read lots more about it, or check it out locally at bookstores – or HERE).

This picture is just for fun:

This is the first time I present a book (surely not the last), and my experience was both intimate and alienating. Mostly alienating at first… repeatedly I asked Daniel, “Me? Are you sure…?” because our styles and backgrounds are somewhat different. Then the doubts, “what if I’m getting this all wrong…?” – which is fine, when you don’t personally know the author, or if the author is dead in a literal sense. But then, inclusive… reconstruction of a person and his literary work through deconstruction.

I read this is front of a crowd of mostly his friends and family, whose expressions were quite difficult to read. But he smiled the entire time, so I suppose my analysis wasn’t too off.

Considering this will otherwise be lost forever in a sea of digital documents, I’m sharing a shortened version of it here… and perhaps, to awaken some curiosity in you and motivate you to go look for it and read it!

It’s in Spanish, by the way. I suppose you’ll notice that… (Also: No accents on account of not understanding shortcuts on Windows8. I suppose you’ll notice that, but I do know my rules, please don’t be mistaken.)

You can read more about the event on this link.

Links related to the boys:

Photo by Abram Fuentes. I missed the joke.

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Swap it!

Ideally, generic I would like to sell Stars Like Fish, clinic but trading is the next best option.

Last week Gato Malo (Miguel Pruné and Daniel Pommers) and I shared a spot at this event:

It was a book fair for local writers and artists with less traditional, independent publications (like ours, naturally) with the option to trade instead of buying. Though I sold NO COPIES, I did trade a handful for a BAGful of beautiful books and artwork from writers I admire and couldn’t be happier!

Though a cybernetic experience doesn’t compare, I’ve been trading books for a few years on PaperBackSwap. I recommend it to everyone, it’s a book hoarder’s best option.

The way it works is you post books you no longer want and send them in the mail when a user requests one from you. When they mark it received, you get a credit that you can use to request books for yourself. However, you get free credits once you sign up and post a few books, and you can also get credits when you refer a friend.

After some hesitation, I added Stars Like Fish because really, why not?

Today I sent out a copy of SLF to a stranger in the mail. If you’d like to try PaperBackSwap out (or are already a member), click the link below!

If you register by clicking THIS LINK (or the banner) I get a book credit! And you get SLF.

Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap.