Stars Like Fish

Stars Like Fish is a collection of short stories, there poems, illness poetic prose and photographs.

The book is short and light, like a session of dreams and memories during a heavy nap.
It’s a menagerie of narrated images from a non-place in a non-time.


From The Girls

Shai’s straight, black hair floated on the ocean’s breeze like thick ribbons of silk. She twirled and spun on her toes by the balcony’s jagged rim with her eyes closed, making such motions with her arms that created the illusion of a dance with sylphlike spirits that surrounded her, spirits she would joyfully tease and avoid. Her smile faded as she spun one last time, then stopped. Once having stopped, she stood with her face to the east for a few moments. Then she slowly, agonizingly almost, opened her eyes to have directly in her sight a dim quarter moon that had risen not hours long ago. Without parting her gaze from the yellowish, red crescent, she collapsed to the floor, landing on her knees.

“Put some clothes on, silly,
you’re bound to catch a chill.
The moon needs no more worshipping,
your madness makes me ill.”

Shai’s eyes turned to Samantha, drowsy and somnolent still from her interrupted trance.

“You shouldn’t tempt your death,
don’t stand to danger’s edge that near;
the fish may jump to pull you in,
for the salt that’s in your tears.”

Little Samantha’s voice was clear, soft as a lily’s petal. Shai sighed. She stumbled to her feet, gathering a faded blanket to cover her pale, naked body. “What fish, Sam? And if there were any fish, I don’t think they could jump that high. And if they could, I don’t think they’d want me.”

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  1. Gianduia says:

    Buon giorno,

    is it possible to order the book directly from you? I don’t prefer to pay an amount to the gigantic booksellers, I would like that you get the whole amount 😉 Let me know via email

    Cari Saluti

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