Swap it!

Ideally, generic I would like to sell Stars Like Fish, clinic but trading is the next best option.

Last week Gato Malo (Miguel Pruné and Daniel Pommers) and I shared a spot at this event:

It was a book fair for local writers and artists with less traditional, independent publications (like ours, naturally) with the option to trade instead of buying. Though I sold NO COPIES, I did trade a handful for a BAGful of beautiful books and artwork from writers I admire and couldn’t be happier!

Though a cybernetic experience doesn’t compare, I’ve been trading books for a few years on PaperBackSwap. I recommend it to everyone, it’s a book hoarder’s best option.

The way it works is you post books you no longer want and send them in the mail when a user requests one from you. When they mark it received, you get a credit that you can use to request books for yourself. However, you get free credits once you sign up and post a few books, and you can also get credits when you refer a friend.

After some hesitation, I added Stars Like Fish because really, why not?

Today I sent out a copy of SLF to a stranger in the mail. If you’d like to try PaperBackSwap out (or are already a member), click the link below!

If you register by clicking THIS LINK (or the banner) I get a book credit! And you get SLF.

Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap.